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Material : Activated Carbon Board & PET Polyester Fiber

Size : 600mm (W) x 21mm (T) x 2400mm (L)

Coverage: 15.50 sf / box

Minimum Order Qty: 2 pcs


PET Polyester Fiber Thickness: 9mm

Number of Wooden Slat: 15 nos

Distance between Wooden Slat: 13mm

Size of Wooden Slat: 27mm x 12mm

Finish: Wood Veneer


Activated Carbon Board Acoustic Panels - Premium Series

  • Advantages

    - Effective noise reduction

      Sound-absorbing felt mitigates noise and reduced unwanted reverberations.


    - Rich in color and shape

      Versatile woodgrain colors and finishes to appeal to any style of home or office.


    - Flame retardant

      The black acoustic felt can achieve B1 grade flame retardancy.


    - Environmental protection

      CARB P2 grade medium density fiberboard protects from harmful gases and compounds.

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