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Item : Border 61

Colour : White 

Size : 61mm(H) x 19mm(W) x 2440mm(L)

Material : High Density Polystyrene (PS)

Border 61mm - White

  • PS material are both dense and durable. They are a quality product that can withstand a variety of climates. PS material can withstand high humidity and water without breaking down or warping.


    A Skirting Board Delivers Great Protection


    One of the primary reasons why so many people have skirting boards in their homes is to provide some much-needed protection from daily wear and tear.


    The lower ends of our walls suffer a huge amount of impact from regular home activity, including:


    People walking past and bumping the walls

    Dogs brushing by with muddy feet

    Cats scratching or playing with wallpaper

    Shoes scraping the surface by mistake

    Vacuums catching around the edges

    Damage from pushchairs or bikes


    A Skirting Board Hides the Gap Between Plaster and Floor


    One of the most obvious and yet crucial functions of a skirting board is to seal the gap between plaster and floor. In a home without skirting boards, the walls often come to a blunt end where the plaster finishes, leaving a small gap to prevent moisture from the ground reaching the plasterboard. Although there isn’t much harm caused by this gap in modern-day homes, it can often be an eyesore for people who prefer a sleeker finish.

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