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- Instant grab (No support required)

- High strength bonding

- Primerless bonding to most substrates

- Low VOC & environmental friendly

- Good UV, weather and temperature resistance


VT-628 Power Screw – Instant Grab Adhesive Sealant

A one component, instant grip, High Tack sealant based on advance Hybrid Polymer Technology. The Instant Grab Technology will eliminates the need for bracing, nailing, screwing and other fastening devices. It is Solvent, Silicone and Isocyanates Free and Non-staining for natural stones applications. It has an excellent UV, weather and temperature resistance. It has excellent adhesion over a wide variety of substrates and is paintable with most common industrial paints.


Application: Ideal for direct bonding of various heavy construction materials. It feature instant grab, thus no support for the construction materials will be required. It may be used without primer, to bond bathroom accessories, panel, skirting board, windowsills, stripes, thresholds, mirrors and isolating materials. It is also widely used in coach work and metal connecting joint in shipbuilding industry.


Available Color: - White

Power Screw - Instant Grab Adhesive Sealant (VT-628) 290ml

SKU: VT-628

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