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Item : VPN Wall Skirting 100mm

Size : 100mm(H) x 14mm(W) x 2440mm(L)

Material : Vinyl Plastic New (VPN)

VPN Wall Skirting 100mm

RM31.90 Regular Price
RM21.90Sale Price
  • VPN Skirting & Profiles are perfect replacement for traditional timber / MDF / HDF skirting & moldings, eliminating the needs of tedious sanding and painting jobs. On the other hand, MDF / HDF laminated products are unable to provide moisture & termite full proof.



    VPN skirting & profiles can be glued directly to the wall or subfloor with a suitable adhesive - no unsightly nails will be on show

    • All the benefits of wood can be found on VPN, but none of the disadvantages such as splitting, rotting or cracking of wood

    • Easy to glue with a suitable adhesive and then simply push into position to fix; Profiles can be clipped onto the special designed bottom channel

    • Can also be screwed or nailed if you wish

    • Accepts standard filler, adhesive or silicone as bonding agent or touch up

    • Lifetime warranty on Termites Proof & Water Proof

    • Color Matching Skirting & Profiles are available

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