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WATERBLOCK Herringbone Luxury Collection Laminate Flooring 12.6mm (AC3/16 Panels/box) Buatan Malaysia


Code No. HB-12-10 (Bubinga)


☑️ 100% Made In Malaysia

☑️ 200 Hours Waterblock Laminate Flooring

☑️ Surface Embossed with Real Wood Grain (RWG) Texture

☑️ 100% Wood Fibre

☑️ 100% Organic Based

☑️ Waterproofness

☑️ Pet Friendly

☑️ Micro-Scratch Protection





Abrasion Class: AC3

Thickness : 12.6mm

Dimension : 100.5mm(W) x 603mm(L)

Packing : 16 panels / box

Weight : 15kgs / box

Coverage : 0.97 m2 or 10.44 sqft

Price: RM 155.55 / box (Supply Only)


~~ Example ~~

if actual area size 100 sqft, must add 15% wastage (100 sqft x 15% = 150 sqft)

1 box coverage 10.44 sqft (150 sqft / 10.44 sqft), you should add 15 box to cart


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WATERBLOCK Herringbone Laminate Flooring (12.6mm) HB-12-10

SKU: HB-12-10
  • (A) Melamine Resin Overlay

    The overlay is a transparent film, impregnated with melamine and phenol resins for enhanced durability, that protects the decor paper underneath from mechanical influence. This top layer makes Herringbone 12.6mm resistant to stains, wear, impact, scratches, burns, and household chemicalsIts lightfast surface remains stable for many years.


    Natural wood grain 

    You can feel the texture of fine wood grain on the surface. This texture is added based on digital scans of wood veneer.


    Embossed Surface

    By aligning the embossing of the wood grain with the decor design, the surface texture of Herringbone 12.6mm matches the design of the printed decorative layer. When you move your fingers over the surface you can feel the texture of wood pores, filled knots, and cracks, just like you would with real wood flooring such as parquet. 



    Rated as AC3, Herringbone 12.6mm is suitable for residential areas with intensive use, such as in kitchens and entrance halls, and commercial areas with little use, such as in hotel rooms and small offices.



    Herringbone 12.6mm is non-staining. Even furniture or chair castors leave no traces. The floor is easy to clean due to the tightly sealed surface preventing dirt from sticking. Stains of all kinds, in the kitchen or otherwise, can easily be removed from the planks using acetone, thinner, or alcohol. 



    The textures on the floorboards increase stability and reduce the chances of slips and falls. The anti-slip properties ensure a comfortable walking experience in all rooms.


    (B) Decorative Paper

    Decor describes the appearance of a floor’s surface. Wood surface reproduction is printed on the decorative paper using digital imaging techniques.



    The decorative paper is resistant to fading due to an aluminium oxide coating on the overlay. This prevents fading caused by exposure to a light to moderate amount of sunlight.


    (C) Coreboard

    The High-Density Fibreboard (HDF) coreboard forms the basis of Herringbone 12.6mm and provides stability to the product. This is where we find the largest proportion of wood, as HDF consists of highly compressed wood fibres. HDF provides better plank stability and allows the click profile to be precisely manufactured. HDF is twice as dense as softwood, so it is more resistant to wear and tear. The coreboard is also environmentally responsible because it contains wood by-products that would otherwise be burned or put into landfills.


    Waterblock HDF

    The coreboard comprises a mixture of compressed wood fibres and hydrophobic materials. It can withstand immersion in water for 200 hours with negligible thickness swelling, tested by Entwicklungs- und Prüflabor Holztechnologie GmbH (EPH).



    The coreboard, made of waterproof composite material, has a high degree of hardness, density, and insignificant swelling behaviour to moisture. High moisture resistance prevents the joints from swelling. In addition, all four sides of the Herringbone 12.6mm planks are coated by a water-repellent agent made of paraffin and impregnating oil using a vacuum nozzle-powered injection system. Thus, the edges of the planks are well-protected from moisture.



    The coreboard is deformed to create deep structures, imitating scraped wood, cracks, gaps, and bevelled edges found in solid wood planks. Micro-E is the technology used to create a micro-bevel (30-45°) at the edge of the floorboard, to remove the sharpened edges. Flooring with micro-bevels has a better aesthetic than those with square edges.


    (D) Backing Layer

    This waterproof melamine resin backing layer helps to balance the product and provides a high degree of dimensional stability. It ensures that the floor will not cup or bow when properly installed and maintained.


    Engraved logo

    Our logos are embossed at the back of each plank to signify the authenticity of the product.

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